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Why we started Rad Vaper

Posted on October 23 2018

I get asked a lot about why started Rad Vaper.   Well I don't really get asked that much, but it sounded like a good way to start a blog post I guess.   My team and I have been in this industry for a little while now and one of the reasons we decided to start this company together was because we felt like we could improve on many of the things we saw working at other companies over the years.   It seems simple right?  An online web portal to buy e liquid.   Not much to it?  Well that's not exactly the case.  It's tough to manage relationships with suppliers, keeping stock on the shelf and supporting your retailers across Canada.   We know that and we've seen lots of good and bad approaches over the years.   Our approach to this is really, really simple.

Put the customer first at all times

That's it.  I know, it should be obvious, but its amazing how much we see this basic rule get ignored.   That's why we decided to do it ourselves. 

We start by making sure we do what we say we're going to do.   If something's out of stock, we tell you the truth.  Both about the issue and about how we're going to get it resolved.   If we screw something up, we own it.   These are not remarkable concepts, really.   But they do seem to be a bit more rare than they should be.   Anyways, have a look around, and give us a shot to be your supplier.  We promise we'll do everything we can to earn and keep your business.

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